Long live
The look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders
We will be remembered


Ally, Lauren and Normani laughing at Camila during Reflection -  1075KZL


I don’t know if anyone already posted this video but it’s so important

Anonymous said: how it feels to be the most beautiful girl in the world?


I wouldn’t know, you should ask her..extremely flattered you think so though, I love you

In which Lauren doesn’t appear on the video much but when she does she’s cursing and it’s amazing



Since I’ve been having no luck on Twitter, I’m gonna give it a try here.

My wish is for Lauren to read the message behind my tattoo and why I had her write it(:


It would mean a lot if anyone could help me with having her see this. On twitter or tumblr. I’ve constantly DM’d and tweeted and… yeah nothing. But consistency is key so I’m not gonna give up just yet..

Gianna ❤️

(it’s 2am I hope there are no mistakes in that)

Send this to Lauren guys!!!!